Packing Guides for your next relocation

Packing is probably among the worst parts of moving. Depending on how long you've remained in your existing house, you could be packing decades worth of things. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin. But thanks to our specialist Seattle movers and our renowned Seattle relocation services, you can become a professional packer. Here are our packing ideas for a simple, worry-free experience throughout your next move.

Tidy Up

Separate these items into three stacks: products to keep, products to contribute or offer, and products to toss away. You can host a backyard sale for those items you no longer need to get some cash in your pocket, or do some good and donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your favorite local charity. Less stuff to pack ways less work and less cash squandered on moving products you do not even desire any longer.

Start Early

Never hesitate on packaging- it is a procedure! Waiting till the week of a relocation is never ever an excellent concept. You'll be pulling your hair out. Make sure you begin early and do things in phases. There's the cleansing phase we simply spoke get more info about. There is the "décor" stage. Pack up the wall hangings, paintings, fridge magnets, picture frames and other items that are purely for decoration in your home. This may take a couple here runs to get it all done. Then you can get into the clothes, bedding, and kitchen/dishware that needs to get evacuated. It might take a couple of weeks to get this done, specifically in between work and your household obligations. So, do not wait!

Make an Inventory List for Your Possessions

Before you put anything in a box, make sure you create a comprehensive inventory list for all your items. It can be color coordinated with tape, numbers, or written labels on boxes, but just make sure you do it. It is essential to understand what box holds what products, otherwise when you begin to unload at your new home, you will be annoyed opening each box to see what it contains. Even something simple like "Kitchenware", "Bedding", or "Winter season Clothing" can be handy when it pertains to getting settled into your brand-new house.


Our Seattle relocation services include expert packaging choices to get your entire home or simply difficult items secured for the relocation. We utilize the finest quality packaging materials to make sure your possessions stay safe and noise. Follow our packaging tips to make the most out of your next relocation- or much better yet, let us take care of it for you!

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